Monday, January 6, 2014

Detox group started today, feeling blessed!

First detox group of 2014 started today...with many more to follow! I am so blessed that Arbonne has come into my life and is allowing me to show people there are better alternatives out there. The food choices we make are tearing up our insides and it is important to be more conscious of what we put in our mouth...and on our skin for that matter. I am so blessed to have found a company who offers amazing products that are truly beneficial to each one of us! I thank each of my followers for the support thus far and look forward to sharing many more successes this coming year! Blessings to all of you!!

On a side note, this caught my attention today:

If you needed more reason to ditch these drinks...check out the amount of sugar in them! And remember, sugar leaves your body in an acidic state and leads to inflammation which leads to sickness and disease. And to all you 'diet' drinkers - artificial sweeteners are even WORSE! More to come on that.   :) For all of you having headaches, if you normally drank any of these things, that's why!

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