Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back in the Saddle!

Flashback almost 2 years ago when I began my healthy living journey! I started the end of May 2013.

Ending weight: 146.8lb 135lbs 132.6 129.4
Smallest part of waist: 29" 27.5" 27.5" 27" (total of 2")
Belly button: 36.5" 35" 34" 32.75" (total of 3.75")
2" below belly button: 37.5" 36" 35.5" 34.75" (total of 2.75")
Thigh: 25" 24" 23.5" 23" (total of 4")
Butt: 41" 39.5" 39" 38.5" (total of 2.5")
Chest: 34" 33" 33" 32.5 (total of 1.5")

Total weight loss to date: 17.4"
Total inches lost to date: 16"

My results were something to be proud of and I kept the weight off for over a year. Then I got comfortable and allowed little by little the bad food to creep back into my life. I began to forget what it felt like to be healthy, to have the crazy energy that I felt in 2013. I allowed the the little cheats here and there to turn into days of eating everything and anything that came into sight. I didn't feel good. I have learned over the last year to embrace who I am and to not be critical of the way I looked and I still live by the philosophy. But...I got tired of not feeling good. I got tired of my joints hurting, my neck feeling like a jumbled neck. I was tired of not having energy to play with my kids. I was just plain out TIRED!

So, we're back and better than ever because I have now seen first hand both sides of what eating healthy can do for you! So join my on my re-birth of health! This time around I am incorporating running, lifting, yoga, and quite possibly pole fitness! You'll never know what decides to pop up on these posts but I look forward to having you join me back on my journey TO HEALTH!

Weight: 146.8lb 142
Smallest part of waist: 29" 28"
Belly button: 36.5" 35
2" below belly button: 37.5" 36.25" 
Thigh: 25" 24.5"
Butt: 41" 41"
Chest: 34"36