Saturday, September 21, 2013

Allow your body to feel the way it is designed to feel!

So unfortunately no pictures with this post but honest results! I respect the privacy and only share pictures of clients who give permission!

My first client, Katie completed the 28 day fit program August 21st...just a little late to posting her results! Katie lost a total of 16 lbs in 28 days!! She has loved the program and has continued with the shakes and fiber because she's loved the way she's felt. Here's her testimonial: "This is a detox that real people can do with real families and real short it is realistic!" Katie continues with the shakes but has added her daily coffee back in (which she was so excited to do!!) and has added milk back into her diet, making conscious choices of what milk products she uses! 

Bryan also completed the program and also lost a total of 16 lbs! Bryan personally admitted he still has over 100 pounds to lose but because of the drastic results and the way he has felt eating clean, he is continuing the program with the shakes as well and has learned to make better choices for the food he does eat. Additionally, Bryan started the Arbonne Metabolism Boost in his second month and is also walking every other day. He was the one that brought me this article on soda. I'm so proud of him for being more aware of what he puts in our body. I have no doubt he will reach his goal and am so blessed to be a part of his journey! 

I say it all the time to prospects for this amazing detox program. The weight loss is awesome, but that's not what it's all about! We really have no idea how good we can feel when we fuel our bodies with the right foods. Don't cheat yourself from feeling the way you should be feeling!

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