Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pure Transformation

 I heard the term Pure Transformation when I started my weight loss journey the end of May. I was hoping I would change physically but what I didn't know is the change that would occur inside and the change in my perspective of life in general. Dealing with postpartum depression with my son and only acknowledging it almost 2 years into it changed who I was and changed how I interacted with people. I was in denial that I had the depression and with the denial was the lack of acknowledgment that my interactions with others changed drastically as well. I was not a happy person but I didn't realize the severity of it.

Fast forward to today, October 5, 2013. I can honestly say that I am going through my own personal Pure Transformation. Through clean eating and changing the way I fuel my body, I have learned that we truly are what we eat! Our mood is directly related with the foods that we intake and I am so thankful that I learned this healthy way of living and a bonus...I am losing weight and inches!

My pure transformation is not about my physical looks, it's about changing my wealth and happiness as well! I am taking control of my life, taking control of my paycheck through a vehicle called Arbonne! I've said it before, I never envisioned myself being a part of network marketing. I never thought I would do the home party thing, but here I am because I BELIEVE in it! I believe in what Arbonne stands for and I believe that it will give me and my family the freedom that we deserve. It's not been a smooth path, but it's a path that I have chosen and will make the most of it. I believe in it because I have personally seen our products change peoples' lives. I get the opportunity to share these products with the world and be a part of people who want to change for the better! After attending training this last weekend, I know that this is not just about me, this about helping others realize their potential and realize that they can have 100% control of their life and finances. I get to watch people grow in ways that they never thought they could imagine! I have seen myself grow in the few short months that I've been on my new journey and I am making a resolution to grow on a daily basis!

My pure transformation is not about the weight I am losing anymore. It's about helping others through their own personal transformation! I'm so excited to step out of my comfort zone and be the leader that I know is hiding out inside. This passion is burning inside me and it's starting to get real hot!!

Back to my weight loss journey real quick...I am 120 days into my journey. I am down 20 pounds total and weigh less than I did before my wedding and before my 2 beautiful kids. (Can't find my measuring tape so can't give a number on the inches.)  I have lost my weight by only changing my eating habits. I know I can't keep this up without exercise so this is my next piece, just trying to figure out how to work it into the busy schedule. It needs to be a priority because I'm ready to complete this transformation but toning up!

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