Sunday, October 13, 2013

58 lbs and 13.5" LOST!

Detox Boot Camp Results!

My team just finished up our first "official" Detox Boot Camp. I've posted results a few successes that I've seen, here's some results in a group setting!

The boot camp participants (total of 6 people) collectively lost 58lbs and 23 inches in the waist & hips!!! That's crazy right?! Actually, that's just amazing!!

We gave away $100 Arbonne goody bag to the BIGGEST WINNERS in the most weight lost and the most inches lost. Our weight winner lost 13.5lbs and our inches winner lost 8.5"!! Can you believe it?!? Although the detox is more about becoming healthier on the inside, I love that we get to reward people by seeing the numbers drop! Some people don't lose any weight but see a crazy decrease in inches! Great proof of turning fat to muscle and gaining energy along the way!

One of the participants posted the following about her experience with the detox:
"My biggest victory by far was resisting so many yummy treats and food! I had about 5 birthdays this month we celebrated and went out to eat a lot and I had to hold strong a lot and be picky and ask for lots of modifications everywhere we went, but learned I could and be ok! I plan to keep up with the shakes often as they are yummy and convenient, and the no eating after 7 rule was really good for me. I learned a bunch of great new recipes for eating whole foods that we now love! I actually think that has been one of my new hobbies I discovered on the cleanse is to find and experiment with healthy whole food recipes that are fairly quick, easy and yummy! I like that nutrition is on my mind constantly now, the detox has made me way more aware of everything I eat and I have since picked up some great habits. I have always liked working out and running, but to line up my nutrition with my running goals have been epic for me and I am excited to try and blow my previous PR out the window at my next marathon at the beginning of Dec.! Thanks Steph and Arbonne!"

I LOVE what I do! The people are real, the results are real! What are you waiting for! We're going to be starting another boot camp soon with finale prizes and weekly prizes this go around! We'll give you a meal plan for the whole 28 days along with motivation and tips to help you sustain your new lifestyle. Email me if you're interested in joining, I would love to help you in your pure transformation!!

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