Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More on that Pea Protein I rave about!

So, you know how I always talk about Arbonne being AHEAD of the trend. Here's the deal, we use YELLOW PEA PROTEIN in our shakes. It's the most easily digestible plant protein on the planet. And we've used it for YEARS. 

Now, thanks in large to the good ole Dr Oz, there is now a GLOBAL shortage of quality pea protein. Arbonne sources ours out of Europe. We are looking for other suppliers but the yellow pea has very precise growing conditions/environment and of course it has to be organic, non-GMO, etc. 

All that to say, Arbonne has alerted us that our incredible protein shakes will be on/off backorder for the next couple of months until new supply means are established. I tell you this now for a couple reasons -
1) If you're an Arbonne shake lover already, STOCK UP!!
2) If you plan on (or even THINK about) doing my January 28-day Clean Eating Challenge as part of your 2014 New Years Resolution, DO NOT WAIT to order your Fit Kit package!! You'll want to order ASAP so that there's no risk of you being without that crucial piece come January!

Thought this was a great article weighing out all the available protein sources. Love that Arbonne's formula is a blend of yellow pea & brown rice (+ cranberry). Making it highly-usable, easily-digestible and a low-allergen source for QUALITY protein with a complete amino acid profile. If you have questions, let me know! If you've never tried our protein and WANT to, let me know too, I would love to give you a sample! Love my protein shakes!

Comparison of Protein types

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