Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2 Months Going Strong

What do I notice after 60 days? My clothes fitting differently, random comments from co-workers about dropping the pounds and just simply more confidence. I still have quite a ways to go but I feel like I've set my pace and have more willpower to finish this up. I want that rockin body! I want to be inspiration to others who want to take this journey! I want to see others live healthier and happier lives. I'm still hopeful and excited about this Arbonne adventure...not only for the business side of it, but for what it will do for me on my personal goals!

Here's pics from the completion of month 2. Please ignore the zero make-up face! ---Insert small sales pitch here---I've been using Arbonne's RE9 anti-aging skin care line. I have always been self conscious of my skin complexion. I will not leave the house without make-up on. Even though I still don't leave the house without  my make-up on, I would've never taken a picture of me in the past with zero make-up on! I'm so impressed with this skin care line that I am getting more confidence in my natural beauty as well. Maybe this new-found confidence is pretend because of the "happy" feeling I've been experiencing since changing my diet...I'll let you be the judge! But keep your opinions to yourself, unless of course it's all praise! ;)

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