Tuesday, July 2, 2013

28 days are over...now what?!?

So it's been a week since I've completed my 28 day detox program. I cannot stress it enough how much better I feel since I have been putting clean foods into my body. I feel like I "work" the way I'm supposed to work. I have natural energy and "inner positivity." (is that even a something??) What I mean is that I just feel good inside. I want to do better with myself, with my family, with my life. I feel happier more and motivated to better me. I have more energy to get me through the day...and I have been getting less sleep because I have been liking the "me" time at night. I just feel the best I have felt in a long time ok probably ever!

I really haven't had the desire to eat "crappy" food yet. I know I'll get temptations some time but for now I'm maintaining my routine. I have had a few whole wheat sandwiches since stopping the detox and I do feel different when I eat them. My stomach feels fuller...it does go away but to me it's just not worth it to feel that way so I'll eat it sparingly. I figure I have come so far in just 4 weeks, why stop now; why not get to my goal. It's worked this good so far it will only get better right?!?

I have really been pondering on CHANGE these past couple weeks. I want to CHANGE me, CHANGE my family interactions, CHANGE how I view life. I want to get more quality time with my children. I have always said that I am a working girl...and although I 100% still feel that way, I know I can continue that "part" of me but going in a different direction. I am so blessed to find the avenue to go in a different direction and will continue to make the effort to CHANGE ME and help others CHANGE themselves in the process!

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