Monday, June 24, 2013

Drum Roll Pleeaaassseee....

I heard quite a few times "I couldn't eat that way for a whole month." Well what do you know...a whole month has passed and I'm still standing and feeling much better than I did 28 days ago. No joke! In the world of yo-yo dieting, I have truly found something that I believe will stick and will take me down the road of healthy weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. I realize what it feels like to "feel the way my body is meant to feel" and I'm excited to continue this journey! As mentioned in my previous post, I started a weekly class called Ballet Blast. I did my first class the first week of my detox. It was the hardest class ever, I could barely make it through each of the exercises and had zero energy. I hurt so badly the next day from this intense class. I was thrilled when I went to the class last week and made it through the entire workout without stopping!! At the end of each class, we do plank for about 5  minutes straight. The first week was a complete joke; I could barely hold any of the moves for 20 seconds let alone do the entire section of the class. Last week was INCREDIBLE! I was able to do the entire section without stopping! I still have a long ways to go but I am super excited that I can already tell the difference in just 4 weeks!

So I know you're all patiently waiting for the results so I'll just get to it! :)

We'll remind you of where I was just 4 weeks ago:

Final stats after 28 days!

Ending weight: 146.8lb 135lbs
Smallest part of waist: 29" 27.5" 
Belly button: 36.5" 35"
2" below belly button: 37.5" 36"
Thigh: 25" 24"
Butt: 41" 39.5"
Chest: 34" 33"

YES you read that right...after just 4 weeks this is what I have lost!

Down 11.8 Pounds

Down 4.5 total Inches in my mid section plus an addition 4.5" in other places. 

Here are the pictures. I got a new phone that is supposed to be spectacular with pictures, but I'm not impressed so you'll have to deal with the grainy pics!


 I still have a ways to go but I am so happy with the results and plan to keep up with calorie counting and daily Arbonne protein shakes. When I lost a bunch of weight for my body it started at my face and neck and worked its way down to my booty. I am confident this is how it will happen this go around too. You can see me shrinking at the top. I love being blessed with the extra junk in the trunk...ha ha...I'm ready to be done with that and just be fit and healthy and get rid of the lumps if at all possible!

I will keep you all up on the progress. My goal is to look smoking HOT in this outfit and I am nowhere near that but accountability is step one in reaching whatever goal we set for ourselves and this is my goal. I hope you follow me on my journey and even consider thinking about yourself and take the same leap that I did.

Call or email me to learn more about how you can do this for yourself!

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