Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why am I here?

After my sweet Samillya was born, I wanted to get back into a healthy lifestyle. I did so well getting healthy and fit before our wedding and loved how great I felt. Having kids changes everything...from how you eat, when you eat, what time you have to work out...if you get to work's just so different. The main thing I did for the wedding was put myself on a strict 1200 calorie diet and picked up running a few times a week. I felt awesome! Food pretty much became a necessity to me and I truly did get rid of a lot of cravings for the bad food. Don't get me wrong I still had cheat meals here and there but I lost of 30 lbs and felt and looked the best that I ever have.

Fast forward 4 years now! Two beautiful children, a full time job and a desire to get back to being healthy. I was doing ok here and there, trying to make better choices, trying to count calories, but I just couldn't find the thing that motivated me! I want to do it and know I can do it, but needed to find a way to jump start my way back to being healthy and feeling great. I contacted my Arbonne sponsor Katy Gallegos for some make-up having no clue what other products they have to offer. I heard about their great primer and foundation and I wanted to try it. After receiving samples from Katy, I instantly fell in love! In talking to Katy, I learned about the broad spectrum of products that Arbonne has to offer. The line that peaked my interest was the nutrition. She had me sold on it when she mentioned it was vegan and gluten free! Imagine my surprise! If you know me I could care less about vegan and gluten free. I love my meats and bread! But my surprise was that here was this product that had tons of protein, tastes good, and Malcolm friendly!! I had no clue something like this was out there! So we kept talking...she educated me on their whole line and how she has helped over a hundred people to feel better and get healthy. Here's where the 28 days to health comes in. The program focuses on five key areas of fitness:
1. Eat clean
2. Increase nutrient intake
3. Eliminate allergenic and addictive foods
4. Balance blood sugar
5. Support elimination organs.
*All 5 areas are supported by Arbonne's whole food nutritional line that is certified vegan and free of gluten, dairy, soy and artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

I had the tickles in my stomach knowing that this is exactly what I needed. I felt it inside...yes as silly as it sounds, but I felt this was my ticket to a healthy me. I've already been focused on avoiding allergenic foods while cooking with Malcolm, why didn't I do this for myself? I was so excited about this adventure that I even felt it necessary to become an Arbonne rep. You get to follow me through the entire journey...if it doesn't work, you get to see that it doesn't work. But if it does what they promote and what many people already have claimed has helped them, then you get to witness that too and hopefully you'll take this challenge yourself!

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