Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm bearing it all!

So there's obviously a starting point to all of this madness. You get to see and hear about the before, during and continued success (hopefully) of a new healthy Stefanie!

Starting Stats 5-28-13:
Starting weight: 146.8lb
Belly button: 36.5"
2" below belly button: 37.5"
Thigh: 25"
Butt: 41"

Now the fun stuff...PICTURES!

The area that frustrates me is my mid section. Growing up I always had that flat tummy no matter what the rest of me looked like. I know my softness comes from my sweet little babies so I'm not complaining, just done with the way I look. The success stories I have read about this program have been about the reduction in inches in the mid section. Detoxification diets help to remove accumulated toxins in your body that are naturally stored in your fat cells. ( The Arbonne detox line helps you reduce belly fat as it's naturally cleaning you out.

My disclaimer: Yes I know I am not a doctor, I'm still learning about this program. I'm still learning about all of the benefits that healthy clean eating can do for you. There are many "diets" out there, some that I have personally tried, but this is a focus on making better choices about what I put in my body! You will get first hand results...good and bad from me through this journey. Come join me and see what it can do for you too!

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