Thursday, August 22, 2013


So I was an avid one a day Diet Pepsi drinker prior to my detox. I LOVED this stuff!! I loved the fizz, the burn, the taste. I've considered giving it up in the past because I notice I wasn't drinking much water when I'd have my Diet Pepsi, but I was never cared to quit drinking it because of what was in it. I was more concerned that I wasn't taking in the calories than I was about taking in the chemicals! Well my thinking has been changed thanks to this detox. I never went into the detox thinking I would "sell" this product, I went into it wanting to lose weight. What I got out of it was EMPOWERMENT. I want to know why things are bad for you, I want to learn alternatives, I want to understand what I am putting in my body and my children's bodies. Am I perfect? Absolutely not, but I am learning and I want to do better and will continue to educate myself and those around me. I'm definitely not naive and know that you can justify any point that you have on the internet, but it's articles like this that has made me turn my own nose to Aspartame. Click here Artificial sweeteners just aren't worth it to me anymore! I'm happy to report that I am soda free for just under 90 days and I honestly don't miss it!

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