Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Challengers - Ricks family

I'm pleased to introduce you to our next challengers, the Ricks family, Mike and Kathy! Both Mike and Kathy, have an 8 year old son, Lance.
Mike and Kathy are both active in a roller derby league and are part of the steampunk community here in Utah. They are excited for this detox/cleanse program to get their bodies reset and take their active lifestyles to the next level.
They're looking for more energy and less fat to take their derby skills to the next level!

They heard me talk about this program quite a few times and decided to commit themselves to the challenge. They are one week into it and are already showing AMAZING results! Kathy has also signed up as an Arbonne consultant because she sees the value that these products offer and is excited to promote feeling good from the inside as well as the outside. Welcome to the Arbonne family, Kathy!

Here's a recap of their Day 1 info. Please note that I have been given permission to publish all of the photos on my blog. These photos are of course not a requirement to participate in the 28 day fit program.

Kathy aka VixenKitten
Mike aka SirRinge

In just the first week, Kathy is down 6.3lbs and has lost about 7" overall, with 4 of those being just in her waist! Mike has lost 6.2lbs and 5.75" overall. Way to go guys; keep it up!

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