Monday, August 5, 2013

Wheat is my trigger!

Many of the common foods we eat have negative effects on our body and we chalk it up as "normal." We get used to the reactions that our body may have to these certain foods and learn to deal with it. Did you know that foods you eat can cause drainage, stuffy nose, allergies, bloating, gas?

During the 28 day cleanse, you eliminate the top allergen foods as you're cleaning out your system. After the 28 days, you begin reintroducing the foods back into your diet and you will realize what foods your body doesn't like. Since my detox, I have re-introduced the foods back into my diet. Most I don't have an issue with but I have learned that I am one of the estimated 50% of the population that has some sort of intolerance to gluten! The following pictures were taken one day from each other, both in the evening:

Hmmm...can you guess which day I ate wheat?? I assure you, the above pictures are in no way altered; this is for real. Will I eliminate wheat completely? Probably not, but I will definitely minimize how much I eat it and will remember this when I have that next hot date!!

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